A common vehicle you will see in Japan

Here we have a very common van you will see in Japan it belongs to ヤマト運輸 やまとうん・ゆ (Yamato unyu) which is a large courier company in Japan.

 I like their logo which is a black cat carrying a kitten. 

We have three kanji here;


Reading; たっ・きゅう・びん
Meaning; courier service, express home delivery (takyuubin)

宅 home, house, husband タク (taku)

自宅 one`s home/house じたく  (jitaku)
宅配 home delivery たくはい  (takuhai)

急 hurry, emergency キュウ、いそ(ぐ)、いそ(ぎ)(kyuu, isogu, isogi)

救急車 ambulance きゅう・きゅう・しゃ  (kyuukyuusha)
急ぐ to hurry, to rush  いそぐ (isogu)

便 convenience, facility ベン、ビン、たよ(り)(ben, bin, tayori)

郵便 mail service ゆう・びん (yuubin)
便利 convenient べん・り  (benri)

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