A message from the police Street signs 3

Here at the top in large letters we have:


Reading; はりがみ・きん・し
Meaning: No Posters (harigamikinshi)

はり(hari) This means stick or paste and whilst this is written in hiragana it does have a kanji:
 張る stick, paste, stretch はる (haru)

紙 paper  シ、かみ (shi, kami)

手紙 てがみ letter (tegami)
折り紙 おりがみ origami

禁 prohibition, ban  きん (kin)

禁じる to prohibit きんじる (kinjiru)
禁煙 no smoking きんえん (kinen)

止 stop, halt シ、と(まる)、や(める) (shi, tomaru, yameru)

停止 suspension, check てい・し (teishi)
止まる to stop (moving) とまる (tomaru)

The writing underneath says:

ひょう・ご・けい・さつ・ほん・ぶ (hyogo keisatsu honbu)
Hyogo Prefecture Police Head Office

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