Train signs 1

Here is a modern sign that you never would have seen 20 years ago...

Reading; ながら・けい・たい・き・けん・ご・えん・りょう・ください
(nagara keitai kiken goenryou kudasai)

Meaning; Danger Please do not (walk) whilst using a cell phone.

So 携帯 means portable or mobile and to mean cell phone technically you have to say 携帯電話 けいたいでんわ (keitaidenwa), but it is commonly used by itself to mean cell phone.

Another use of 携帯 is;

携帯灰皿 けいたいはいざら portable ashtray (keitaihaizara)

危険 (Warning) is very common and consists of

危 dangerous

危ない あぶない dangerous (abunai)
危篤 きとく critical condition (kitoku)


険 precipitous, danger

保険 ほけん insurance (hoken)

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