Street signs 4

Okay, so here we have a person crossed out for no entry and three kanji underneath.  All three of these kanji are really useful and all are in heaps of other compounds.

Reading; さ・ぎょう・ちゅう (sagyouchuu)
Meaning; work in progresss

This is kind of like an under construction sign, in this case it was gardeners up ladders doing pruning.

Lets look at the kanji;

作 make, production さく、さ、つく(る)(saku, sa, tsuku(ru))

作る make つくる  (tsukuru)
製作 manufacture せい・さく  (seisaku)

業 ぎょう work, business (gyou)

産業 industry さん・ぎょう  (sangyou)
企業 enterprise き・ぎょう  (kigyou)

中 ちゅう middle (chuu)

中 inside, in なか  (naka)
中国 China ちゅう・ごく   (Chuugoku)

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