Meitantei Conan Beginners Manga 2 (case closed)

Welcome to Beginners Manga 2 Meitantei Conan (Case Closed)

For Beginners Manga 1  please click here; Yotsubato!

Here is Conan or Meitantei Conan, one of the most famous anime and manga in Japan.  Every Japanese person knows this comic and it is extremely popular with elementary age children.

Apparently overseas  it is called Case Closed due to copyright issues.

The story is about a Junior High School boy Shinichi who is a detective, one day he comes across a mafia like organization and they try to kill him by giving him a poison.  However the poison does not kill him but shrinks him so he appears to be an elementary age child.

He then lives undercover posing as a child and solves lots of crimes.

The stories are quite good and like Yotsubato! each story can largely be read independently.  The difficulty level is quite a lot harder than Yotsubato! but again it is all daily Japanese, plus a lot of crime vocabulary.

When I first began I found it difficult and was checking my dictionary every ten seconds however the vocabulary repeats a lot so once you learn about 30 or 40 words relating to crime it becomes quite easy.

Every second page will have words like;

殺人 さつ・じん murder (satsujin)
容疑者 よう・ぎ・しゃ suspect (yougisha)
警察 けい・さつ police (keisatsu)

On this random page from book one, I was unsure of four words;

整理 せい・り sort, arrange (seiri)
誘拐 ゆう・かい kidnapping, abduction (yuukai)
執事 しつ・じ butler (shitsuji)
目撃者 もく・げき・しゃ eyewitness (mokugekisha)

(I find it a good idea to cross out the Furigana with red pen so that I have to read the kanji, I use red not black so I can still check it if I really look closely).

I find the stories interesting and they are an excellent stepping stone to reading crime related newspaper articles.

Please tell me what you think about Conan in the comments section.


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