Yes thats right it says "post"! Street Signs 3

This picture is from a standard post box in Japan.  They look a little like the British ones so its possible their design was copied from the English during the Meiji period when Japan brought in many ideas and systems from overseas.  (But that`s just a guess so please correct me in the comments if I am wrong!).


Reading; ゆう・びん
Meaning;mail service, postal service

Below it is the symbol for post in Japan a T with a line over it.  According to Wikipedia the symbol comes from katakana テ and is called 郵便記号 ゆう・びん・き・ごう

You can read more here;

Some useful vocabulary;

郵便局 ゆう・びん・きょく post office
郵便物 ゆう・びん・ぶつ mail
郵便屋さん ゆう・びん・や postman

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