Restaurant Japanese 2

I found this sign was in a ramen restaurant.  I will translate the menu for my next post... maybe!

Starting with the yellow part at the top:


Reading: ぽっとをかたむけすぎると「ふた」がはずれてき・けんです
Meaning: If you tilt the pot (jug) to far there is a danger that the lid will come off. (potto wo katamuke sugiru to "futa" ga hazurete kiken desu.)

And now for the red part:

お手数ですが。。。「ふた」を押さえながら注意でください。 すみません。

reading: おて・すうですが。。。「ふた」をおさえながらそそいでください。 すみません。
Meaning: I`m sorry it`s a bother but...Please hold the lid as you pour.  Sorry.  (Otesuu desu ga... "futa"wo osaenagara sosoide kudasai.  Sumimasen.)

Please note the kanji 注 it is used first in 注意 ちゅう・い caution (chuui) and then in 注ぐ そそぐ to pour (sosogu).

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