Kansai Ben Part1

Kansai Ben (Kansai dialect) is spoken around Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe.  There are actually different dialects in each city, but the Osaka dialect is the most famous because Osaka is famous for stand up comedy.

In Japan probably the most common way of communicating by cell phone is using an app called line.  I bought these Kansai emoji for my line account and despite there being no kanji I thought I would translate them for you.  I have numbered them from top to bottom left to right, first is what it says, second is the standard Japanese, third is the english.... Enjoy!

1, めっちゃ (とても、超(ちょう)very
2, ええなぁ (良いな (いいな)that`s good
3, めっちゃええなぁ (とても良いな、超良いな(ちょう・いいな)thats very good
4, ええよぉ (良いですよ) that`s OK
5, ほんまに (本当に (ほん・とうに)Really?
6, いやや (いや) disagreeable, detestable
7, あか-ん (だめ)no good, cannot, must not,
8, あかん (だめ)hopeless
9, ほんま? (本当? (ほん・とう?)really?
10, すごいやん (凄いね (すごいね)that`s great/amazing
11, なんでやねん!! (そのわけない) your kidding!
12, なんでやねん (なんで)why?
13, せやろ?(そうやろ)don`t you think so? aren`t I right?
14, せやな (そうですね)that`s right 
15, せやせや (そうそう)that`s right
16、ちゃうちゃう (違う(ちがう)thats wrong
17, ありえへん (ありえない) unbelievable
18, しんど (しんどい)tired, frazzled, bothersome
19, がんばりや!(頑張って(がん・ばって)Keep going! Do your best!
20, おつかれさん (お疲れ様(おつかれ・さま)Thank you for your hard work (Lit. You must be tired)
21, そうなんや (そうですか?)Is that right?
22, ほんで (それで?)and then?
23, えらいこっちゃ (大変(たい・へん)なことになった)It`s become a big mess
24, まあ、知(し)らんけど (まあ、知らないけど) Well, I don`t know.

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