Continuing from yesterday...Street Signs 2

Yesterday we had 駐車場 ちゅう・しゃ・じょう and 月極駐車場 つき・ぎめ・ちゅう・しゃ・じょう。 Here is another sign you will see in a parking lot.

Reading: あきあり
Meaning; Vacancy, available

So if you are looking for parking there is a space available.

The character is an elementary school first grade kanji and means sky or empty.

It is actually the kanji for Karaoke although most Japanese do not know this as Karaoke is always written カラオケ in katakana.  The original name for Karaoke comes from empty から and orchestra (abbreviated to オケ).

Some words with 空

空港 くう・こう airport
青空 あお・ぞら  blue sky 
お腹が空いている おなかがすいている I`m hungry

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