A very common sign...Street signs 1

This is one of the most common signs you will see in Japan.

Reading: ちゅう・しゃ・じょう

Meaning; Parking lot

We have 駐 (ちゅう)Stop over
車 (しゃ)Car
and 場 (じょう)Place

Now lets  make it longer...

Reading; つき・ぎめ・ちゅう・しゃ・じょう

Meaning; Parking lot rented on a monthly basis.

So now we have added 月(つき)Moon or in this case month,
and 極(ぎめ)poles (North and south), extremely.

Here are some other common words using these kanji...

月曜日 (げつ・よう・び)Monday
来月 (らい・げつ)  Next month

積極的 (せっ・きょく・てき)Assertive
南極 (なん・きょく)South Pole

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  1. Thank you for the information it’s very interesting

  2. Your welcome, please tell me if there is anything kanji related you would like me to discuss on the blog.


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