Toilet signs... the first of many

For years I have been sitting on Japanese toilets and sitting in Japanese baths looking at signs I could almost but not quite read (OK most of the time I didn`t have a clue!).

So I made this site...  I am happy to present our first toilet sign!  I believe it`s from a urinal, it`s not a particularly common sign but the kanji and vocab are.

Reading; す・いがら かみ ガムなどをすて・ないでください (Suigara, kami, gamu nado wo sutenaide kudasai)

Meaning; Please do not throw away cigarette butts, paper, gum etc.
Grammar note; 等 など nado means; etc

Related vocab;

吸血鬼 きゅう・けつ・き vampire (kyuuketsuki)
折り紙 おり・がみ Origami
捨てる すてる throw away (suteru)

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