Toilet signs part 2

Here is the polite way to write toilet.  It is usually just written トイレ (toire) in katakana but if we want to be more polite we say "hand washing place," in the same way that we use the term "bathroom" in English.


Reading; おて・あらい
Meaning; Toilet (hand washing place) (otearai)

手 hand シュ、ズ、て (shu, zu, te)
grade; 1
frequency; 60
JLPT level; 5

相手 companion, partner, opponent あいて (aite)
手紙 letter てがみ (tegami)

洗 wash, inquire into セン、あら(う)(sen, ara(u))
grade; 6
frequency 1168
JLPT level; 4

洗う to wash あらう (arau)
洗濯機 washing machine せんたくき (sentakuki)

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