Toilet signs part 3

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There are a lot of kanji here so I will just translate the vocabulary and won`t go into detail about the characters for this one.


Reading: ごちゅう・い
Meaning: Warning (Gochuui)


Reading: べん・き
Meaning: Toilet, urinal (Benki)


Reading: けい・たい・でん・わ・など
Meaning: Cell phones etc.


Reading: お・とさないように
Meaning: Be careful not to drop (Otosanaiyouni)


Reading: じゅう・ぶん
Meaning: Enough, plenty (Juubun)


Reading: ごちゅう・い
Meaning: Warning (Gochuui)

Rough translation:

Warning, please take adequate care to ensure you do not drop cell phones etc down the toilet.

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