Japanese Medical Signs 1 内科

So here we have two more very common Kanji:


Reading; ない・か
Meaning; (Department of) internal medicine(naika)

In Japan people don`t usually go to a G.P. or family doctor, they go directly to a specialist or a hospital, if you have an internal problem that is non surgical, like a cold, you will usually go to a Naika.

内 inside ナイ、ダイ、うち (nai, dai, uchi)
grade: 2
frequency: 44
JLPT level: 3

以内 within, inside of いない (inai)
案内 information, guidance あんない (annai)

科 department, section ヵ (ka)

grade: 2
frequency: 531
JLPT level: 3

科学 science かがく (kagaku)
教科 subject, curriculum きょうか (kyouka)

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