Japanese Medical signs 3 歯科医院

We have four characters here that spell two words, the first word is;


reading; し・か
meaning; dentistry (shika)

(Quick note; a dentist (person) is a 歯医者  はいしゃ (haisha).

歯 tooth, cog シ、よわい、は (shi, yowai, ha)
grade: 3
JLPT level: 3

歯 tooth は (ha)
虫歯 cavity, tooth decay むし・ば、(mushiba)

科 department, section ヵ (ka)
grade: 2
frequency: 531
JLPT level: 3

科学 science か・がく (kagaku)
教科 subject, curriculum きょう・か (kyouka)

The second word is;


reading; い・いん
meaning; doctors office, surgery, clinic (iin)

医 doctor, medicine イ, い(やす)、くすり (i, i(yasu), kursuri)
grade: 3
frequency: 437
JLPT level: 4

医療 medical care い・りょう (iryou)
獣医 veterinarian じゅう・い (juui)

院 institution いん (in)
grade: 3
frequency: 150
JLPT level: 4

病院 hospital びょう・いん (byouin)
入院 hospitalization にゅう・いん (nyuuin)

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