Recommended Japanese Resources 1 A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar

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I chose this as my first textbook review for a reason, it really is indispensable to anybody learning Japanese, you really will use it regularly, either for reference of difficult grammar points or for fantastic example sentences.  I have personally owned this book for about fifteen years and still periodically go through it and review my basic grammar.

Its format is that of a dictionary and the only negative comment I could make that it is quite dry, but it is just packed with essential information on every page.  It covers pretty much everything a beginner to intermediate student needs to know, in a couple of hundred grammar points including verbs, prepositions, adverbs etc.. (Note, it is a dictionary not a textbook so there are no exercises.)

Each entry has a huge amount of information;

It has the grammar point, English definition, grammatical usage, related expressions and about five example sentences.

Personally I  just go through and pick one or two of the example sentences for each entry and write them out in a notebook and then I can easily review a lot of grammar points in a short time.  This is my lazy study style, but for more serious students there is a lot of information there, especially in the appendixes.

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A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar by Seiichi Makino (1992-10-01)

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