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I found out about a new website yesterday it has the news from NHK Easy (another great resource) but in a much easier to read, streamlined format.

Instead of having furigana there the whole time there are no furigana until you hover your mouse above a character, then it appears.  This makes it much more challenging and stops you subconsciously only reading hiragana.

Personally, I do all of my reading in Japanese on my commute to work and the NHK easy website doesn`t work well at all on my phones screen.  This morning I read and the text fitted the screen beautifully I casually read three articles in one short train ride.

This site is now going to be part of my morning routine, as soon as I have got through my anki cards (another fantastic resource) I`m going to NHK easier.

Please tell me what you think about NHK Easier, NHK Easy, Anki and any other resources in the comments below.

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